Heco and FAST join forces.

Heco Nordiska and FAST are building a leading Scandinavian fastening company in Hillerstorp, Sweden.

The screws and fastenings supplier Heco and Thomée’s fastening brand FAST choose to merge. The purpose of the merger is to be able to put more focus on developing the offering, thereby strengthening the position as a leader in the Scandinavian fastening products niche.

Thomée and Heco are both parts of Volati’s business area Salix Group. In addition to joint owners and niches, Heco and FAST also have many other similarities. The decision to move forward together is welcomed by both parties.

Thomée transfers the FAST brand to Heco, yet will continue to be an important distributor of FAST. Through the merger, Heco becomes a dominant player in fastenings in the Nordic region.

“By building a fastening centre in Hillerstorp, Sweden, we join both companies’ knowledge of fastenings in one place. This will benefit the development of both Heco and FAST and strengthen the offering to our customers”, says Roger Andersson, CEO of Thomée.

“As an entrepreneur and the founder of Heco, I believe this is the best thing that could have happened to Heco. We get more power and knowledge to put into the development of our products, our range and, on the whole, we get an even wider and better offering. In addition, being a part of the Volati Group gives us good opportunities for continued growth”, says Owe Klippel, CEO and Founder of Heco.

“With Hillerstorp as our geographical base, we are now creating a hub of knowledge for the development of screws and fastenings. Our expanded offering means that we can meet our customers’ different needs more efficiently than ever before. I find it incredibly exciting to be a part of the journey ahead”, says Christos Selman, Vice President and Marketing Manager at Heco.

The merger applies from January 2021.

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