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Financial development.

Within Salix Group, the overall goal is to create sustainable and genuine value growth over time, partly through organic growth within our operations but also through acquisitions.

EBITA 2019 including IFRS16*

Summary of 2020.

Håkan Karlström

Interview with Håkan Karlström, former CEO Salix Group.

How would you sum up 2020 for Salix?

It has been a year unlike anything we have experienced before. The pandemic has
presented us with major challenges, while the fact that people have spent more time at home has increased demand for many of the products we offer. There has been a colossal amount of renovation and work in homes and gardens in our markets.

How has the business area been affected by the coronavirus pandemic?

We were quick to introduce protective measures for our employees, while at the same time placing great emphasis on ensuring our continuing delivery capacity. The pandemic outbreak initially brought enormous challenges in the supply chain, primarily regarding purchases in China and India. Our buyers and logistics experts have fought relentlessly to ensure that we were able to meet the high demand from the market.

Can you tell us about the acquisitions you made this year?

We have made two large acquisitions, namely Heco and Pisla. By merging Heco with FAST, our existing fastener business, and concentrating these operations on Heco in Hillerstorp, we have created Sweden’s second-largest company for fasteners for the building materials retail sector. Pisla was an add-on acquisition for the Habo Group. Pisla is a market leader in fittings in the Finnish market and Habo’s largest competitor in Finland. Together, the companies will be a strong player in Finland.

How do you work to maintain growth and long-term value creation?

We have strong structural capital in the business area and managers who are proficient at running companies – a combination that guarantees strong long-term value creation. We are careful to never lose the basic profitability of the business and to ensure that the growth strategies for all companies mean that they grow profitably.

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