T-Emballage Bygg meets the future as TECCA.

A couple of years ago, T-Emballage Bygg took the first steps to evolve into the company it is today. At that time, the original company T-Emballage was split into two separate units, Bygg and Förpackning. Today that evolution is fully realised when T-Emballage Bygg is given its own strong identity under the brand TECCA.

“The name change is part of a clear business strategy for the future. We now choose to send a clear message to the market and cultivate what we are really good at – creating the solutions of tomorrow within sustainable construction”, explains CEO Marcus Ahlstedt.

With the new structure, all the knowledge which has been built since 1975 will remain and become even more easily available for the customers. Over time, the core business of T-Emballage Bygg has revolved more and more around energy efficient premium system solutions within the construction industry which simplify the lives of our customers and enhance quality.

“We have a 360-degree mindset when we develop our product ranges and our offerings. This mindset sets a high standard for our knowledge and results in relevant and compatible products which, in combination with our understanding of the customer, creates complete solutions”, says Johan Nyman, Product Manager at TECCA.

By offering rigorously tested solutions, TECCA can also position itself as the market leader for warranties and take a larger responsibility for the end result.

“We have packaged our total offering in three strong concepts that can be customised according to the customer’s needs. TESHELL, TEPROTECT AND TESUPPLY clarify how our product range is structured and help us communicate the high quality in specific products as well as when used as a whole”, says Anders Selvander, Marketing Manager.

Simultaneously, the offering within packaging solutions keeps developing within T-Emballage Förpackning. They will also strengthen their strategy and develop their offering, and reclaim the identity of T-Emballage.

“This clear divide gives both companies energy and a sense of direction going forward”, concludes Marcus Ahlstedt.

TECCA will keep its operating base in Småland. On digital platforms, you can find TECCA on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as the new website teccaworld.com

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